Some of our Past Projects

With over 100 projects per year under design, newly constructed Fruchtman and Associates designed mechanical systems are coming on line all of the time.

1026 Highland – Hollywood, California
Opened late 2006

Two story acoustically critical production facility consisting of studio spaces, avid bays, office and support spaces.

Chadwick School – Palos Verdes, California

Geoffrey Allan Laverty Center for the Performing Arts – Opened Summer 2004

This project includes 25,000 sq ft of theater space, studio space, musical and performing arts classrooms, and support spaces. This project was acoustically critical, meeting the sound criteria requirements of world class performing arts centers. Sound reducing techniques were employed, including sound traps on some ducts, spring isolation of all vibrating equipment, and internally lined ductwork where necessary to reduce noise transmission through the ductwork. The school representative commented that after the HVAC equipment was initially started up, it was so quiet that they needed to go up to the roof to make certain that the equipment was running.

Cutler Residence– 1002 N. Roxbury Drive – Beverly Hills, California

The former Jack Benny Estate – Completed June 2004

This project included a complete remodel and addition to the former Jack Benny mansion. 14 split system heat pumps, some with variable volume sub-zone controls were utilized to condition the residence. To reduce sound and vibration from the equipment, all vibrating equipment was spring isolated. Internally lined ductwork was employed to further reduce noise transmission through the ductwork.

Café Crepe– 1460 3rd Street Promenade – Santa Monica , CA

Opened Summer 2004

A successful Vancouver based venture developed this Santa Monica restaurant at a prime location on the busy 3rd Street Promenade. The project includes a 3500 square foot restaurant located at the ground floor of a historic multi-story building. The restaurant has a full kitchen and a large dining area. The dining area includes many crepe griddles where crepes are prepared, to order, in front of the restaurant patrons. To minimize the loss of valuable floor space, HVAC and plumbing equipment was located on the roof of the building, and routed through available shafts and chases to the restaurant space.