Insurance Investigations and Evaluations

Fruchtman & Associates provides consulting services to insurance companies to assist in evaluating losses and claims.

Many insurance claims revolve around failures or alleged failures of building mechanical systems. Examples include – water intrusion due to plumbing leaks or sewage backups, HVAC system condensation problems, mold, indoor air quality problems, and fire sprinkler system failures. Our engineering judgment is often called upon to investigate these failures and to assist in establishing probable cause, effect, and parties of responsibility. This assists the insurance companies in resolving claims quickly and effectively.

When buildings are damaged due to fires, earthquakes, or other acts of nature, prompt re-construction is necessary to repair or replace the structure. Our team will evaluate the site and review the damages. We will work with architects, structural engineers and other design team members to quickly prepare a full set of engineered drawings which illustrate the necessary repairs, and can be submitted to the governing jurisdictional authorities for review.