Due Diligence Studies

Fruchtman & Associates evaluates the physical condition and anticipated useful life of mechanical systems.

Chillers, cooling towers, pumps, boilers, air handlers, water heaters and piping are among the many mechanical components found in a typical building. These pieces of equipment have a finite life, and are responsible for a considerable portion of a building’s annual energy costs.

When a building is purchased or sold, or when a property is refinanced, it is imperative to have a thorough evaluation of the building mechanical systems. Because of the considerable costs associated with repairing or replacing these systems, an analysis of the physical condition, age, anticipated remaining useful life, and an opinion of the replacement costs are essential pieces of information in evaluating the value of a building.

As specialists in these systems, Fruchtman and Associates will visit the site, review available drawings, review energy bills, analyze maintenance records, and provide a detailed report on the condition, along with recommendations for reuse or replacement.